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Sit for meditation after doing the agnihotra homa

One should sit for meditation after doing the agnihotra homa as it gives tremendous peace of mind and clarity of thought.
Scientific Explanation for Agnihotra - The spiritual Healing Meditation Practice
The five things which we have combined together are known as PANCHABHOOTAS which illuminates a new Spiritual Healing Energy (CHAITANYA) into the nature. These are the cleaning substance of environment which also cleans our mind. We need to connect our inner energy with this natural energy.
1) Pyramid shaped copper vessel
As we all know that copper is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. All the Panchagni (fire with the five items burned together is called panch-agni) are organic material and when they burnt in presence of copper it creates copper oxide, copper sulphate, copper chloride and other gases. Apart from its extensive heat transmission, copper is also considered as the best metal for this kriya due to its productive nature of creating high end chaitanya shakti (spiritual healing energy) which cannot be achieved from any other metal. The pyramid shaped vessel enhances the spiritual and positive vibrations thus created from this process. Pyramids are capable of drawing positive energy and vibration from atmosphere. It is therefore even very beneficial to do meditation by sitting beneath or under a pyramid. 
2) The soft husk of coconut
The husk of coconut that is placed at the bottom of the vessel is taken from the outer covering of the fruit of the coconut tree - KALPAVRIKSHA - meaning, a complete tree, because each and everything of this tree is beneficial to human beings in some or the other way including the roots, leaves, trunk, fruits etc). This is the only tree which serves us by giving nuts round the year. Its leaves are used to build up roof which in turn returns continuous blessings and love. That’s why coconut tree is known as DEVADHOOT - (God) of all trees in the nature, and when it burns, the love and sacrifice it has for the human beings and living beings joins the atmosphere. To eliminate the poisonous elements from atmosphere, burning of coconut husk is required. Still on date there are several places in this nation where the people put empty coconut shells while cooking rice so as to purify the cooked rice.
3) The sticks of the peepal tree
Peepal tree emits stimulated oxygen (0+ activated oxygen). This is the reason behind the tradition of circumnutating the peepal tree everyday. Sandal wood is also an important ingredient of agnihotra homa not only for its good fragrance but also for its medicinal values too. This is also helpful for cleaning the atmosphere.
4) The dried cow dung
The dried cow dung contains anti - bacterial elements such as ammonia, phenol, indal and formalin. Cow is the most supportive animal in human civilization. From the beginning of human civilization it has nourished human beings through its godliness and by its satwik (pure) nature and is an idol of nature. The dung acquired from the cow which grazes in forests and hills and which is strong in physique is even more beneficial. The Indian red coloured country cow produces a special medicinal element known as "GORACHNA" in its milk.
These country cows reject the red color from the sun and accept the remaining 6 colors. This is the reason why we can have the milk of these cows without any tension. Red color denotes abnormality. People who drink the milk of these cows and do meditation are tension free and have peace in life. These qualities are found in the dried cow dung also which is used in the spiritual practice of agnihotra homa. The smoke of the agnihotra has superior medicinal value, which works as an anti bacterial and filtered the atmosphere. This is the reason why MALARIA and other bacteria, viruses does not affect homes where agnihotra is performed daily. 
5) Hand pounded red raw rice
The red color of hand pounded rice comes from its bran. Bran is the inner-husk of the rice. The inner husk of any seed is a precious gift of nature which contains essential multi-vitamins. So it is always advisable not to eat white polished rice because polishing robs the rice of vital nutrients. The bleaching of rice to white color adds harmful chemicals to it which makes it even more harmful for human consumption. The rice used for agnihotra homa should be non polished rice. This same principle is applied in this spiritual healing practice too. When the unpolished red rice is burnt all its good elements are released into the atmosphere.
6) Cow's ghee
Cows ghee helps to boosts immunity, intelligence and good health. Cows ghee are extensively used in preparation of ayurvedic medicines in India and world wide due to its medicinal and preservative properties. We have a very old tradition of burning lamp with the cow’s ghee. Even in the century old document of Charak and Patanjali; cow’s ghee has been considered as one of the best medicinal element. Cows ghee acts as a burning agent and fuel and when its burnt along with all the other ingredients in the agnihotra it helps in creating copper oxide, copper sulphate and copper chloride. These gases are very beneficial for the atmosphere.
The smoke emits from these six items is excellent like those from all other YAJNAS and YAGAS. And this is also proven that places where agnihotra is performed on a regular basis those places are free from any diseases.
This is known to everybody now that the smoke of agnihotra brings a special change in nature. The life of human friendly, plant friendly, bacteria and microbes are encouraged and those creatures which are not beneficial are either destroyed or are made to run away to a far of place. Due to emission of positive energy the nature becomes clean and clear.
Quite interestingly this special spiritual healing technique and practice of agnihotra was known to ancient Indians. Many believe that agnihotra was in vogue before all yagas and yajnas began. There are several other medicinal plants or herbs which can be used in agnihotra for keeping the environment clean. People with ill health can be cured of their diseases. It is a special boon for the all round progress of agriculturist. Science has still to understand more about this age old ritual.

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